Benefits To Cedar Wood Shingles

Moss and algae are bound to appear on shaded parts of the roof. While they might not grow up too quickly, once moss or algae become solidified they pose a danger to the insulation of the roof. They pose a danger because of the moisture they require to stay alive. This moisture is damaging to asphalt and wood shingles that are not designed to deal with moisture 24/7.

Luckily the contractor does not need to be called right away. If some moss or algae appears on the roof and cannot be reached with a rake or shovel, do not fear, there are some other options. Handy DIY-ers can do a fair amount of work on their own before calling up the contractor.

Here are a few of the best ways to deal with moss and algae on the roof:

Apply a Chemical Substance - Check in at any home reno store for chemical products that are made for dealing with moss and algae. Usually they will come in a powder form that must be spread across the roof where the moss and algae are. The best way to use a chemical product is to read the instructions for use, of course. Generally speaking, these products need to be applied quite frequently during the rainy seasons. If applied effectively the moss should go to these guys turn brown and eventually die away.

Homemade Moss Remover - A liquid concoction can also be made look what i found to deal with the moss. The homemade moss remover is made with soap, bleach, white wine vinegar, and a lot of water. Applying this to the moss will not work as effectively as a chemical product - but if done diligently enough over the course of a few weeks it might do the trick. The trick is to make the area too acidic for the moss or algae to bear.

Remove the Shade - Removing the shade should be done in tandem with removing the moss. While it might be a bit tricky to remove big branches from a nearby try, getting the smaller branches out of the way is a good start. Call the city of the shade is coming from a tree on public land and hopefully that should do it.

Put in Moss and Algae-Resistant Shingles - If the moss and algae have caused degeneration in the shingles, it's time to get them replaced. Roof replacement companies in Los Gatos know how to deal with moss and algae because it’s been a roof issue for years. Roofers know that there are a bunch of moss and algae resistant shingle varieties to choose from. This will get rid of the age-old problem and give the roof the kind of breathability it requires.

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